The Role of Ethical Leadership in Developing Sustainable Organization

Hasanuzzaman Tushar


The purpose of this paper is to explore literature from various articles and books regarding the topic of ethical leader and leadership to construct the path of sustainable success and find the possible role of ethical leadership that guide an organization to be sustainable. The paper tries to examine the role of ethical leadership by defining the notion of ethical leadership, sustainable development and organization, and the importance of ethical leadership in an organization. A major research question guiding the study was: What is the role of ethical leadership in developing sustainable organizations? The data were found from the carefully selected articles and books. A four groups of keywords were used during the search process from different databases. The findings led to develop a conceptual model as a stool with three legs representing the three dimensions (economic, environmental, and social) of sustainable triple bottom line. A parallel rug (ethical leadership) used in the model to stable the stool and put equal attention to all legs leading to serve its purposes. The three legs of the stool are further strengthened by the interdependent braces of organization culture, performance, and resources. The concepts of the model were discussed and recommended further research area.

Aus. J. Law. Ethi & Gov. Vol 3(2), October 2017, P 83-95


Ethical Leadership; Sustainability; Sustainable Organization; Three-legged Stool; Triple Bottom Line; Human Resource Development

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