The Role of Teaching Ethics in Higher Educational Institutions in the Globalizing World: The Case of Ethiopia

Belayneh Girma, Belayneh Leta


In this article, an attempt has been made to link our ethical outlook with the current state of the world. The need for the study of morality, which is conscious of the current state of life, is a matter of humanly survival. Since moral values are crucial to define the identity of a given society, they need serious protection. Academic institutions have a high potential to protect these moral values. Especially, Ethics as a common course, which is taught across all fields of studies in undergraduates programs of all universities of the country, have no prior objective than firmly grounding moral values in the society. Although the potential attributed to the course is tremendous, recently its effectiveness is becoming questionable. In an aspiration to win the status of Ethics back again; this qualitative study was conducted on a sample of four universities. Extracting its primary data from teachers and students of the four universities, this study has confirmed that the status of morality is deteriorating from time to time. The role of Ethics in regulating people’s behavior is declining as a result of curricular and noncurricular factors. With regard to the curriculum, Ethics is not made to stand alone as a course, but it is integrated with Civics. The greater emphasis given to civics at the expense of ethics not only overwhelmed it but made it almost helpless. Besides, the course is made outward looking. Thus, failed to teach the relevant Ethics that manifests the belief and culture of the country. The non-curricular factor is evident in the recent development of strange trend of life and practices which discarded the deep-rooted indigenous culture and morality. It is inferred that both factors are begotten from the process commonly known as globalization.

Aus. J. Law. Ethi & Gov. Vol 3(2), October 2017, P 41-54


Ethiopia; Ethics; Globalization; Local Values

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